What is the full meaning of A-CAM? What does A-CAM stand for?

  1. A-CAM stands for A Cell Adhesion Specific Molecule
  2. ACAM stands for Academia Culinaria de Las Américas (Spanish: Culinary Academy of Las Americas; Guatemala)
  3. A-CAM stands for Adherens Junction-Specific Cell Adhesion Molecule (biology)
  4. ACAM stands for Aéro-Club Aix-Marseille (French flying club; est. 1969)
  5. ACAM stands for Air Conformity Applicability Model
  6. ACAM stands for American College for Advancement in Medicine
  7. ACAM stands for American Counseling Association of Missouri
  8. ACAM stands for Annonces Classees A Montreal (Montreal, Quebec classifieds website)
  9. ACAM stands for Associate, Central Academy of Music (London)
  10. ACAM stands for Association Culturelle et Artistique Mantoise (French: Mantoise Cultural and Artistic Association)
  11. ACAM stands for Association des Journalistes des Activités de la Maison (French journalists’ association)
  12. ACAM stands for Australasian College for Advancement in Medicine
  13. ACAM stands for Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring
  14. ACAM stands for Autorité de Contrôle des Assurances et des Mutuelles (French organization regulating insurance companies and mutual funds)