What is the full meaning of ABB? What does ABB stand for?

ABB stands for;

ABB Allman Brothers Band (band)
ABB Asea Brown Boveri (Billingstad, Norway)
ABB American Body Building
Abb Abbreviation

ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (Zurich)
ABB American Business Brokers (Fort Myers, FL)
ABB Affin Bank Berhad (Malaysia)
ABB Activity Based Budgeting
ABB Activity-Based Budgeting (budgeting methodology)

ABB Architecture Building Block (computing)
ABB Anybody but Bush (politics)
ABB Any Branch Banking (various locations)
ABB Alex Boncayao Brigade (terrorist group)
ABB Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
ABB American Board of Bioanalysis (est. 1968; St. Louis, MO)

ABB Association of British Bookmakers (UK)
ABB Australian Barley Board (Adelaide, South Australia)
ABB Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil (energy sector)
ABB Analog Baseband
ABB Arab Bangladesh Bank
ABB African Blood Brotherhood (New York, NY)
ABB Adaptive Body Bias

ABB American Association of Bioanalysts
ABB Airborne Brigade
ABB Average Bank Balance
ABB Authority Black Book (e-book)
ABB Art behind Bars (prisons)

ABB Advantech Benelux BV (Advantech Co. subsidiary)
ABB Average Blues Band (band)
ABB International Bank of Azerbaijan
ABB Allegheny Brass Band (Pittsburgh, PA)
ABB America’s Best Bootfitters

ABB Actief Bodembeheer (Dutch: active soil management)
ABB Amateur Boat Building
ABB Accelerated Book Build (financial method of placing of equity stock)
ABB Activity Based Benefits
ABB American Brotherhood for the Blind
ABB Austrian Brass Band

ABB All ‘Bout Business (Qwest Communications)
ABB Asian Bad Boys (gang)
ABB Automated Bill Book (Texas)
ABB Associato Brasileira de Buiatria (Brazilian Veterinary Cattle Association)
ABB Ankara Buyuksehir Belediyesi