ABC stands for;

ABC Associated Builders and Contractors
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC American Broadcasting Company (US radio and TV network)

ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control
ABC Activity-Based Costing
ABC Alphabet
ABC ATP-Binding Cassette
ABC Association of Bridal Consultants
ABC A Better Chance (organization)
ABC Advanced Base Camp
abc Antibiotics
ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABC Agricultural Bank of China

ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission
ABC Arab Banking Corporation
ABC American Born Chinese
ABC A Business Community
ABC Action on Behalf of Children (awards)
ABC American Botanical Council
ABC Advance Base Camp (Everest)
ABC Arms, Back and Chest (various meanings)

ABC ABC Conjecture (problem in pure mathematics)
ABC Active Body Control (DaimlerChrysler)
ABC Aberdeen Boat Club (Hong Kong)
ABC Anti-Bullying Charity
ABC Archbishop of Canterbury (Anglican Church)
ABC American Board Certified (various organizations)
ABC American Bowling Congress

ABC America’s Blood Centers
ABC Adult Bible Class
ABC A Bittorrent Client (computing)
ABC Adult Boot Camp (sports; various locations)
ABC Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (est. 1951; Japan)
ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter (software)
ABC Abacavir (aka Ziagen; GlaxoSmithKline)
ABC Architectural Building Components (Houston, TX)
ABC AmerisourceBergen (pharmaceutical wholesaler stock symbol)
ABC Anarchist Black Cross
ABC Already Been Checked

ABC Advanced Bionics Corporation
ABC Advanced Breast Cancer
ABC American Baptist Church
ABC Askham Bryan College (UK)
ABC American Bird Conservancy
ABC Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (psychology)
ABC Alcoholic Beverage Commission
ABC Asian Brown Cloud (air pollution; aka Atmospheric Brown Cloud)

ABC Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio (Italian football club)
ABC Auto Battery Charger (various companies)
ABC Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (journal; Springer)
ABC Asian Badminton Championship
ABC Albuquerque/Bernalillo County (New Mexico)
ABC Alpha Bravo Charlie (Pakistan TV show)
ABC Another Bittorrent Client
ABC Action Breast Cancer
ABC Altimeter, Barometer and Compass (various companies)
ABC Argyll and Bute Council (UK)
ABC Atlanta Bread Company
ABC American Baptist Convention (1950-1972)
ABC Amitabha Buddhist Centre (Singapore)
ABC Abstract Base Class

ABC Amy’s Baking Company (Kitchen Nightmares)
ABC Australian Bodycare Continental
ABC Argentina, Brazil, Chile
ABC Airport Business Center (various locations)
ABC Another Bad Creation (Child Rap Group)
ABC Atanasoff-Berry Computer
ABC Audit & Business Consulting

ABC Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (immunohistochemistry stain)
ABC American Business Consulting (various locations)
ABC American Black Chamber (Herbert Yardley book)
ABC Accounting & Business Consulting (various locations)
ABC Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (psychology)
ABC Access to Basic Care
ABC Artificial Birth Control

ABC Atlantic Beach Club (Rhode Island)
ABC Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao (islands)
ABC Appalachian Brewing Company (Collegeville, PA)
ABC Art Business Centre (various locations)
ABC Africa Business Conference
ABC Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis
ABC Always Be Closing

ABC Anheuser-Busch Companies (brewer)
ABC Agencies, Boards and Commissions (Oklahoma)
ABC Always Be Careful
ABC Agência Brasileira de Cooperação (Brasil)
ABC Accelerate Brain Cancer (Washington, DC)
ABC Anti Bullying Campaign
ABC Allerdale Borough Council (UK)
ABC Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
ABC American Book Center (European bookstore chain)
ABC Advocating on Behalf of Children (various organizations)

ABC Advanced Business Computing (various locations)
ABC Almond Board of California
ABC Anything But Chardonnay
ABC Al Bano Carrisi (singer)
ABC American Broadcasting Corporation (less common)
ABC Acceptable Biological Catch
ABC A Balanced Curriculum
ABC Automatic Brightness Control
ABC Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (bankruptcy law; various states)
ABC American Benefits Council
ABC Association for Business Communication
ABC Airborne Corps
ABC Acid Black Cherry (musical pop personality)
ABC Accredited Business Communicator (International Association of Business Communicators)
ABC A Benihana Christmas (TV show)
ABC Access to Broadband Campaign (UK)

ABC Art Basics for Children (Belgium)
ABC Anything But Conservative (Canadian parliamentary opposition movement, 2008)
ABC American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
ABC Arkansas Best Corporation
ABC Azureus Bit Comet (computing)
ABC Arlington Baptist College

ABC Association of Black Cardiologists
ABC Abyssinian Baptist Church
ABC Already Been Chewed (gum)
ABC Association of Boxing Commissions
ABC Aboriginal Business Canada (Canadian government)
ABC Alliance Bible Church (various locations)
ABC Agricultural Biotechnology Center
ABC Army Benefits Center
ABC Arts in Basic Curriculum
ABC Amherst Brewing Company (Amherst, MA)
ABC AirBridge Cargo (Russian cargo air carrier)
ABC Associated Broadcasting Company (UK; Phillippines)
ABC American-British-Canadian
ABC Agent Based Computing
ABC Absorbing Boundary Condition

ABC Atomic, Biological and Chemical
ABC Access to Benefits Coalition
ABC Audio Book Club
ABC Accelerated Bridge Construction
ABC Association of Boards of Certification
ABC American Building Components
ABC American Board of Criminalistics (national certifying body for the criminalistics branch of the forensic sciences)
ABC Alberta Blue Cross (Canada)
ABC Air Batu Campur (Malaysian dessert)
ABC Adjuvant Breast Cancer
ABC Allowable Biological Catch
ABC Aoyama Book Center (Japan)
ABC Athletic Business Conference
ABC Army Battle Command
ABC Agribusiness Council

ABC Autism Behavior Checklist
ABC Aswarding Body Consortium (UK)
ABC Action for a Better Community (Rochester, NY)
ABC All Bases Covered
ABC Amended Birth Certificate (adoption)
ABC American Bridge Company
ABC Abbott Bioresearch Center (Massachusetts)
ABC Academic Booster Club (schools)
ABC American Ballet Company
ABC Aggregate Base Course
ABC Assistant Bureau Chief (various organizations)
ABC Alaska Bible College

ABC Alliance Business Center (various locations)
ABC Animal Behavior Clinic
ABC Academic Biomedical Centre
ABC Advanced Bladder Cancer
ABC Authorities, Boards and Commissions (various states)
ABC Always Be Cool
ABC American Boxer Club
ABC Airways, Breathing, Circulation (CPR)
ABC Advanced Broadband Communications (various locations)
ABC Atomic, Biological & Chemical
ABC Assignment by Choice (North Carolina)
ABC Active Birth Centre (various locations)
ABC Achievement beyond the Classroom

ABC Automated Batting Cage
ABC Australian Born Chinese
ABC Alliance for Better Campaigns (est. 1998; election campaigns)
ABC Authorities Buying Consortium (Scotland, UK)
ABC Associated British Cinemas
ABC American Brittany Club
ABC Australian Bicycle Council
ABC Automatic Bandwidth Control
ABC America Buckles up Children
ABC Acid-Based Chemistry
ABC American Blimp Corporation

ABC Automated Building Control Systems, Inc. (Florida)
ABC Airborne Control
ABC Association of Black Collegians
ABC Aspiration, Biopsy, Cytology
ABC Association of Brethren Caregivers (Organization of the Church of the Brethren)
ABC Available By Cell
ABC Arts Books Crafts (various companies)
ABC Anything but Caucasian
ABC Advanced Bar Code
ABC Anybody but Carolina (sports fan group)

ABC Atlanta Black Crackers (1930s Negro-league baseball team)
ABC Automated Blood Collection
ABC Affiliated Business Consultants
ABC Advancing Blade Concept
ABC American Barista & Coffee School (Portland, Oregon)
ABC Avoid Bad Company
ABC America Britain Canada
ABC Ada Bible Church (Ada, Michigan)
ABC Association of Balkan Chambers
ABC Automated Border Control (Pakistan)