What is the full meaning of ABCA? What does ABCA stand for?

ABCA stands for;

ABCA American Baseball Coaches Association
ABCA Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (US EPA)
ABCA Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (West Virginia)

ABCA American Border Collie Association
ABCA Associação Brasileira de Críticos de Arte
ABCA Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
ABCA American, British, Canadian, and Australian
ABCA Alberta Business Corporations Act (Canada)

ABCA Army Bureau of Current Affairs (UK)
ABCA Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação
ABCA American Black Chiropractic Association
ABCA Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms (US Army)
ABCA ATP-Binding Cassette sub-family A

ABCA Associação Brasileira de Capoeira Angola
ABCA Association des Banques Centrales Africaines
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies’ Standardization Program

ABCA Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
ABCA Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Association (Minneapolis, MN)
ABCA Antwerp British Community Association
ABCA Association Belge des Centres d’Affaires
ABCA Australian Basketball Coaches Association
ABCA Associação Brasileira dos Colecionadores de Armas

ABCA American Bird Conservation Association
ABCA Albany Business Computing Association
ABCA American Baptist Churches of Alaska
ABCA American Business Communications Association
ABCA Arizona Business Corporation Act
ABCA Association Belge des Chefs d’Approvisionnement

ABCA Asian Breast Cancer Awareness (program)
ABCA Associação Brasileira de Café Arábica
ABCA Association Bastidienne Contre l’Aéroport
ABCA Associate, British College of Accordionists
ABCA American Builders & Contractors Association (Austin, TX, USA)
ABCA A Boy Called Art

ABCA Allentown Business Community Association, Inc. (New Jersey)
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Armies’ Program