What is the full meaning of AFH? What does AFH stand for?

  1. AFH stands for Adaptive Frequency Hopping
  2. AFH stands for Adult Family Home
  3. AFH stands for Away From Home
  4. AFH stands for Air Force Headquarters (various locations)
  5. AFH stands for Athletes for Hope (est. 2007)
  6. AFH stands for Association Française de Haiku (French: French Haiku Association)
  7. AFH stands for Association Française du Hautbois (French: French Oboe Association)
  8. AFH stands for Air Force Hospital (various locations)
  9. AFH stands for Angels from Hell (gaming clan)

AFH Army Family Housing
AFH Association Française d’Histotechnologie (French: French Histotechnology Association)
AFH Adult Foster Home
AFH Advanced Frequency Hopping

AfH Art for Healing
AFH Air Force Handbook
AFH Asklepios Future Hospital (Germany)
AFH American Federation of Herpetoculturists

AFH Atlantic Fish Health (Charlottetown, PEI, Canada)
AFH Administration, Finance, and Human Resources
AFH Association Française d’Hémophilie
AFH Aviation For Humanity