What is the full meaning of AFSA? What does AFSA stand for?

  1. AFSA  stands for American Foreign Service Association
  2. AFSA  stands for American Financial Services Association
  3. AFSA  stands for American Fire Sprinkler Association
  4. AFSA  stands for Air Force Sergeants Association
  5. AFSA  stands for Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (law)
  6. AFSA  stands for American Federation of School Administrators
  7. AFSA  stands for Armed Forces Security Agency
  8. AFSA  stands for Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa
  9. AFSA  stands for American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association, Inc.
  10. AFSA  stands for Australian Fertiliser Services Association
  11. AFSA  stands for Air Force Safety Agency
  12. AFSA  stands for Association Française du Syndrome d’Angelman
  13. AFSA  stands for American Federation of Strength Athletes
  14. AFSA  stands for Afghan Student Association
  15. AFSA  stands for Alternative Force Structure Assessment
  16. AFSA  stands for Association of the French Schools in North America (est. 1985)
  17. AFSA  stands for Association Française des Semences Autogames (French)