What is the full meaning of AGC? What does AGC stand for?

  1. AGC  stands for Automatic Gain Control
  2. AGC  stands for Automatic Gain Control (US DoD)
  3. AGC  stands for Associated General Contractors
  4. AGC  stands for Associated General Contractors of America
  5. AGC  stands for Apollo Guidance Computer (NASA)
  6. AGC  stands for Attorney-General’s Chambers (Singapore)
  7. AGC  stands for Agile Governance Center
  8. AGC  stands for Agrochemicals
  9. AGC  stands for American Game Cartridges (Chandler, AZ)
  10. AGC  stands for Ashanti Goldfields Company (Ghana)
  11. AGC  stands for Australian Girls Choir (est. 1984)
  12. AGC  stands for Automatic Generation Control (electric utilities; power systems)
  13. AGC  stands for Army Geospatial Center (USACE)
  14. AGC  stands for Associate General Counsel
  15. AGC  stands for Atypical Glandular Cells
  16. AGC  stands for Aspartate/Glutamate Carrier
  17. AGC  stands for Allegheny County Airport (airport code, Pittsburgh, PA )
  18. AGC  stands for Asahi Glass Company
  19. AGC  stands for Amador Gold Corp. (Canada)
  20. AGC  stands for Advanced Gastric Cancer
  21. AGC  stands for Annual Giving Campaign (various organizations)
  22. AGC  stands for Adjutant General’s Corps
  23. AGC  stands for Art Glass Ceramic
  24. AGC  stands for Automatic Gauge Control (steel industry)
  25. AGC  stands for Aggrecan
  26. AGC  stands for Aggressive Content (behavioral health)
  27. AGC  stands for Absolute Granulocyte Count
  28. AGC  stands for Attorney Grievance Commission
  29. AGC  stands for American General Corporation
  30. AGC  stands for Association of Graphic Communications
  31. AGC  stands for Association of Global Custodians (bank group)
  32. AGC  stands for Arkansas Geological Commission
  33. AGC  stands for American Greyhound Council
  34. AGC  stands for Accelerated Global Connections (networking)
  35. AGC  stands for Adjustable Gain Control (less common)
  36. AGC  stands for Asia Global Crossing Ltd.
  37. AGC  stands for Associated Gospel Churches
  38. AGC  stands for Alternative Grand Campaign (gaming)
  39. AGC  stands for Academic Governing Council (various organizations)
  40. AGC  stands for Aerojet General Corporation
  41. AGC  stands for Automatic Guided Cart (material handling)
  42. AGC  stands for Agricultural Genetics Company (UK)
  43. AGC  stands for Advanced Graduate Certificate
  44. AGC  stands for Ausclad Group of Companies (Perth, Australia)
  45. AGC  stands for Adult Gaming Centre (UK)
  46. AGC  stands for Agriculture Canada
  47. AGC  stands for Air-Ground Communications
  48. AGC  stands for Australian Gold Council
  49. AGC  stands for Asian Greek Council
  50. AGC  stands for General Communications Vessel (US Navy)
  51. AGC  stands for At a Glance Chapter
  52. AGC  stands for Association Généalogique de la Charente (French: Charente Genealogical Association; Cherente, France)
  53. AGC  stands for Avid Gaming Community
  54. AGC  stands for Advantest Green Corporation (Japan)
  55. AGC  stands for African Ground Council
  56. AGC  stands for Atlantic Gulf Communities
  57. AGC  stands for Area Generation Control (electric utility)
  58. AGC  stands for Advanced Gas Centrifuge
  59. AGC  stands for Agent Based Grid Computing
  60. AGC  stands for Amphibious Group Command
  61. AGC  stands for Chief Aerographer’s Mate (Naval rating)
  62. AGC  stands for Antenna Gain Control
  63. AGC  stands for Army General Counsel
  64. AGC  stands for Air Ground Co-Operative ATS (Air Traffic Services)
  65. AGC  stands for Asociación Guatemalteca de Cardiología (Guatemala)
  66. AGC  stands for Automotive Glass Cartridge (fuse)
  67. AGC  stands for Adaptive Gaussian Classifier
  68. AGC  stands for Agreed Cost of Repairs
  69. AGC  stands for Attack Group Commander
  70. AGC  stands for Access Gateway Controller
  71. AGC  stands for Advanced Graduate Certification
  72. AGC  stands for Audiographics Conferencing
  73. AGC  stands for Atari Games Corp.
  74. AGC  stands for Anala Goat Company (Beasley, Texas)
  75. AGC  stands for Algebraic-Geometric Code
  76. AGC  stands for Active Test Set Generator and Comparator