B/M stands for;

S/NO Abbr.Meaning
1B/M(Seat)Belts – Motorized
2BM(USN Rating) Boatswain’s Mate
3BmBaader-Meinhof (German terrorists)
4BMBaby Mama (2008 movie)
5BMBabymetal (band)
6BMBaby’s Mother
7BMBachelor of Medicine
8BMBachelor of Music (degree)
9BMBack Marker
10BMBack Matter
11BMBackground Music
12BMBackyard Monsters (gaming)
13BMBad Manners
14BMBakis Model (speech recognition)
15BMBalanced Measure
16BMBallistic Missile(s)
17BMBallymena (UK)
18BMBanca Mondiale (Italian)
19BMBanco Mundial (Spanish: World Bank)
20BMBanque Mondiale (French: World Bank)
21BMBanyak Maunya (Indonesian: I Wish a Lot)
22BMBarry Manilow (musician)
23BMBasal Metabolism
24BMBase Movement
25BMBaseball Mogul (baseball simulation computer game)
26BMBasement Membrane
27BMBasic Mirroring (computing)
28BMBasilar Membrane
29BMBastard Machine (band)
31BMBattery Machines
32B/MBattle Management
33BMBattle Management
34BMBattlefield Management
35BMBattlemac (gaming clan)
36BMBattlespace Management
37BMBaumeister (German: manager of building projects)
38BMBazaar Malay
39BMBe Mine
42BMBearing Mean
43BMBeast Machines
44BMBeastMaster (Utopia game)
45BMBeatae Memoriae (Latin: Of Blessed Memory)
46BMBeatmania (DJ simulator game)
47BMBeats Me
48BMBeautiful Midnight (Matthew Good Band album)
49BMBeautiful Music (broadcast radio format)
50BMBeer Money
51BMBehavior Modification
52BMBehavioral Modeling
53BMBelgian Malinois
54BMBeli Manastir, Croatia (automobile code)
55BMBella Morte (band)
56B/MBelow Mentioned
57BMBench Mark
59BMBending Moment
60BMBerlekamp-Massey (algorithm)
61BMBible Museum
62BMBig Mac
63BMBig Mouth
64BMBill Maher (comedian)
65BMBill Murray (actor)
66B/MBill of Material
67BMBill of Material
68BMBilly Mays (William Darrell Mays; 1958-2009)
70BMBirlesmis Milletler (Turkish: United Nations )
71BMBirmingham Midshires (building society bank, UK)
72BMBirth Mother
73BMBirthday Message
75BMBishop Museum (Honolulu, HI)
77BMBitch Magnet (band)
78BMBite Me
79BMBituminous Macadam (transportation engineering)
80BMBlack Madonna
81BMBlack Mage (gaming)
82BMBlack Magic
83BMBlack Male
84BMBlack Market (illegal trade)
85BMBlack Mesa (gaming)
86BMBlack Metal (music genre)
87BMBlademaster (gaming)
88BMBlonde Moment
89BMBlood Magic (Path of Exile; gaming)
90BMBloodmage (gaming character)
91BMBloody Mary
92BMBlue Mage (gaming)
93BMBlue Merle
94BMBlue Moon
95BMBlue Mountain (railroad)
96BMBlueberry Muffin (various applications)
97BMBluff Master (Indian film)
98BMBluff Me (gaming, World of Warcraft)
99BMBoard Measure
100BMBoatswains Mate
101BMBob Marley
102BMBody Mounted
103BMBoehringer Mannheim (blood test)
105BMBOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) Manager
106BMBolliger & Mabillard (roller-coaster maker)
107BMBone Marrow
108BMBoo Mansion (forum/website)
109BMBook to Market (stocks)
111BMBoston and Maine Railroad Corporation
112BMBound Mode
113BMBounding Method
114BMBowel Movement
115BMBrain Man (TV series)
116BMBranch Manager
117BMBranch Material
118BMBranch on Minus
119BMBranch on Mixed (IBM)
120BMBrazilian Male
121BMBreakdown Maintenance
122BMBreast Milk
123BMBrewmaster (gaming)
124BMBrian May (guitarist)
125BMBrick & Mortar (as opposed to existence exclusively on the Internet)
127BMBridge Mux (software)
128BMBridgemonkeys (gaming clan)
129BMBriefing Message
130BMBrigada Militar (south Brazilian military police)
131BMBrigade Major (Staff Officer to Brigade Commander)
132BMBritish Midland (Airline)
133BMBritish Museum
134BMBroadcast Management
135BMBrogan Maintenance (military slang)
136BMBronze Metal
137BMBuddhist Modernism
138BMBuffer Map (computer science)
139BMBuild Margin
140BMBuilding Manager
141BMBull Moose (political party)
142BMBundesministerium (Federal Ministry, Austria)
143BMBundesverband Mediation (German: Federal Mediation Association)
144BMBureau of Mines
145BMBurger Machine (Philippine fast food chain)
147BMBurning Man
148BMBurning Metro (band)
149BMBurst Mode
150BMBus Mastering
151BMBus Monitor
152BMBus Mouse
154BMBusiness Machines
155BMBusiness Management
156BMBusiness Manager
157BMMyanmar (assumed name of Burma)