What is the full meaning of B/S? What does B/S stand for?

B/S stands for;

S/NO Abbr.Meaning
1BSBaby Shower
2BSBachelor of Science
3BSBachelor of Surgery
4BSBack Side (skate term)
5BSBack Sight (surveying)
6BSBack Stage
7BSBack Stock
8BSBack to School
9BSBacking Store
10BSBackside (extreme sports)
11B/SBackside (extreme sports)
13BSBackstab (Starcraft game)
14BSBackstroke (swimming)
15BSBad Science
16BSBahamas (country code and domain code)
17BSBailter Space (band)
18BSBaking Soda
19BSBalance Shafts (Nissan)
20BSBalance Sheet
21B/SBalance Sheet (accounting)
22BSBalanced Scorecard
23BSBallistic Skill (gaming)
24BSBaltimore Sun (newspaper)
25BSBand Saw
26BSBank of Slovenia
27BSBank of Springfield (The Simpsons)
28BSBarber Shop
29BSBarbra Streisand
30BSBarfko Swill (Frank Zappa Production Company)
31BSBariatric Surgery (weight loss)
32BSBart Simpson
33BSBase Station
34BSBasel Stadt (Basel Town; Suisse Half Canton)
35BSBasel-Stadt (canton postcode, Switzerland)
36BSBasic Sediment
37BSBasic Software
38BSBasic Strategy (blackjack card game)
39BSBasin Slope
40BSBass Saxophone
41BSBath Salt
42BSBattle Sphere (Atari Jaguar video game)
43BSBattle Staff
44BSBattle Support
46BSBayesian Score
47BSBe Smart
48BSBe Specific
49BSBe Sweet
50BSBeam Splitter
51BSBeauty Shop
52BSBelgisch Staatsblad (Dutch; Belgian government publication)
53BSBellow Sealed (plumbing)
54BSBellSouth Corp. (telephone company)
55BSBelt Sander
56BSBend Stiffener (petroleum industry)
57BSBentonite slurry (tunnel boring machines)
58BSBering Sea
59BSBering Strait
60BSBerkhouse/Snyder (music duo)
61BSBerufsschule (German: vocational school)
62BSBest Speaker (Toastmasters)
63BSBeta Sigma (fraternity)
64BSBetalingsService (Danish: Payment Service)
65BSBetrayed Spouse
66BSBible Study
67BSBiden Shot (political slang)
68BSBien-Etre Sociale (Canadian French: welfare)
69BSBig Screen
70BSBig Shot
71BSBig Show (WWE wrestler)
72BSBig Sister
73BSBig Smile (Internet chat)
74BSBig Smoke (gaming character, GTA:SA)
75B/SBill of Sale
76BSBill of Sale
77BSBilling System
78BSBilly Squire (rock singer)
79BSBi-Metallic Strip
80BSBina Swadaya
81BSBinnenlandse Strijdkrachten (Dutch)
82BSBiochemical Society (London, UK)
83BSBioshock (game)
85BSBipolar Signal
86BSBirchwood School (West Nyack, NY)
87BSBird Screen (drawings for HVAC fan or louver accessory)
88BSBirth Son (adoption)
89BSBis Spater (German: see you later)
91BSBishop’s Stortford (England, UK)
93B/SBit Sync
94BSBit Synchronizer
95BSBitch Shield
96B/SBits Per Second
97BSBitumen Solution
98BSBjarne Stroustroup (creator of C++ language)
99BSBlack Sabbath (band)
100BSBlack Scholes (option pricing model)
101BSBlack Shot (game)
102BSBlack Stallion
103BSBlacksmith (gaming, Ultima Online)
104BSBlazin’ Squad (band)
105BSBlazing Swamp (Lineage 2 game)
106BSBlessed Sacrament
107BSBlind Spot
108BSBlister Steel
109BSBlock Sorting
110BSBlock Specification
111BSBlocked Shot (basketball)
112BSBlocking Series
113BSBlood Stained (Everquest)
114BSBlood Star (Diablo game)
115BSBlood Sugar
116BSBloom Syndrome
117BSBlowing Snow (weather reports)
118BSBlown Save (baseball)
119BSBlue Seed (anime)
120BSBlue Sky
121BSBlue Springs (Missouri)
122BSBluespec (filename extension)
123BSBob Seger
124BSBody Shopping (bringing in foreign contractors to work for the US companies at lower salaries)
125BSBohemia Suburbana (Guatemala rock group)
126BSBoiler, Steam
127BSBOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)
128BSBolivar(s) (Venezuelan currency)
129BSBomb Squad
130BSBombardment Squadron
131BSBon Scot (singer)
132BSBonus Stage (band)
133BSBonus Stage (cartoon)
134BSBoob Squish (mammogram)
136BSBoolean Search
137BSBoondock Saints (movie)
138BSBoot Sector
139BSBoot Sequence
140BSBore Sight
141BSBoston Stoker (coffee company)
142BSBotServ (IRC Bot Server)
143BSBound States
144BSBoundary Scan
145BSBoundary Stone (UK maps)
146BSBovine Scatology
147BSBow String (Runescape gaming)
148BSBowel Sounds (medical)
149BSBox Score
150BSBoy Scouts
151BSBoz Scaggs
152BSBrain Stem
153BSBraunschweig, Germany
154BSBrawl Stars
155BSBreaking Strain
156BSBreaking Strength
157BSBreast Stroke
158BSBreath Sounds
159BSBrescia (Lombardia, Italy)
160BSBriggs & Stratton (Wauwatosa, WI)
161BSBright and Shiny (recycling)
162BSBristol (postcode, United Kingdom)
163BSBritish Standards
164BSBritney Spears
165BSBrittany Spaniel
166BSBroadcast Satellaview (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
167BSBroadcast Satellite
168BSBroadcast Source (US DoD)
169BSBroadcasting Satellite
170BSBroadcasting System
171BSBrodosplit (Shipyard Company, Split, Croatia)
172BSBroken Saints (webcomic)
173BSBroken Stowage (shipping)
174BSBronze Star
175BSBrothers & Sisters
176BSBrown Sugar
177BSBruce Springsteen
178BSBrushed Stainless (product feature)
180BSBudgetary Support
181BSBuffalo Sabres (NHL)
182BSBulk Store
183BSBull Snot (polite form)
184BSBull Stuff (polite form)
185BSBungie Sightings (bs.bungie.org)
186BSBungie Software (Microsoft-owned game developer)
187BSBungie Studios (gaming company)
188BSBurst Size
189BSBus Schedule
190BSBusch Sulzer (ship engine)
191BSBusiness Segment
192BSBusiness Services
193BSBusiness Studies
194BSBusiness Stupidity (opposite of Business Intelligence)
195BSBusiness System
196BSButthole Surfers (band)
197BSBuy Stop (trading markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
198B/SByron Station
199B/sBytes per Second
200BSMotor Starter (motor-driven cam type)