What is the full meaning of CARS? What does CARS stand for?

  1. CARS  stands for Car Allowance Rebate System (aka Cash for Clunkers)
  2. CARS  stands for Charitable Auto Resources (San Diego, CA)
  3. CARS  stands for Center for Assessment and Research Studies (James Madison University; Virginia)
  4. CARS  stands for Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (Cash for Clunkers program)
  5. CARS  stands for Complete Automotive Repair Service (various companies)
  6. CARS  stands for Childhood Autism Rating Scale
  7. CARS  stands for Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy
  8. CARS  stands for Cable-Television Relay Service (ITS)
  9. CARS  stands for Competitive Automotive Regulatory System (est. 2005; EU)
  10. CARS  stands for Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources
  11. CARS  stands for Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
  12. CARS  stands for Combat Arms Regimental System
  13. CARS  stands for Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad (Charlottesville, Virginia)
  14. CARS  stands for Compuware Application Reliability Solution
  15. CARS  stands for Create a Research Space (writing model)
  16. CARS  stands for CreditLink Account Recovery Solutions (UK)
  17. CARS  stands for Cockpit Audio Recording System (aircraft)
  18. CARS  stands for Canadian Association of Rally Sport
  19. CARS  stands for Consolidated Acquisition Reporting System
  20. CARS  stands for Computer-Aided Routing System
  21. CARS  stands for Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System (USAF)
  22. CARS  stands for California Association of Resource Specialists and Special Education Teachers
  23. CARS  stands for Computer Assisted Radiology & Surgery
  24. CARS  stands for Computer Anxiety Rating Scale
  25. CARS  stands for Community Antenna Relay Service
  26. CARS  stands for Cyber Asset Reduction & Security (US Navy)
  27. CARS  stands for Corrective Action Reporting System
  28. CARS  stands for Crash Analysis Reporting System
  29. CARS  stands for Community Airport Radio Station (Unicom)
  30. CARS  stands for Computerized Application and Reference System
  31. CARS  stands for Counter Anti-inflammatory Response Syndrome
  32. CARS  stands for COIN Accounts Receivable System
  33. CARS  stands for Canadian Automotive Rescue Society
  34. CARS  stands for CABS Auxiliary Report Specifications
  35. CARS  stands for Carcinogen System
  36. CARS  stands for Collision Automotive Repair Services, Inc
  37. CARS  stands for Channel Adaptive Rate Scheduling
  38. CARS  stands for Computerized Automotive Recording System (CAR Systems Inc.)
  39. CARS  stands for Condenser Air Removal System
  40. CARS  stands for Containment Atmosphere Recirculation System
  41. CARS  stands for Computer Audit Retrieval System
  42. CARS  stands for Customer Account Retrieval System (IBM)
  43. CARS  stands for Customer Acquisition and Retention System (email marketing)
  44. CARS  stands for Cost Analysis Reporting System (US Army)
  45. CARS  stands for Contractors Automatic Resupply System
  46. CARS  stands for Consolidated Analysis and Reporting System
  47. CARS  stands for Centralized Automated Reporting System
  48. CARS  stands for Certification and Accreditation Repository System
  49. CARS  stands for Community Antenna Relay Station
  50. CARS  stands for Committee to Assess Regulatory Structures
  51. CARS  stands for Communications Analysis Reporting System
  52. CARS  stands for Community Adult Residential Services (Task Force)
  53. CARS  stands for CLRP Automated Reports System
  54. CARS  stands for Club Auto Rétro du Soissonnais (French: Vintage Auto Club of Soissons; Soissons, France)
  55. CARS  stands for Carer Approval & Registration Service (Department of Human Services, South Australia)
  56. CARS  stands for Carrier Access Reporting System
  57. CARS  stands for Corrective Action Response System
  58. CARS  stands for Carrier Automated Recovery System
  59. CARS  stands for Close Aboard Ranging System
  60. CARS  stands for Command Accountability Reporting System (California)
  61. CARS  stands for Customized Auto Registration System (South Dakota, USA)