VAPAF stands for Virginia Performing Arts Foundation


VAPA stands for Visual And Performing Arts VAPA stands for Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants VapA stands for Virulence-Associated Protein A (immunology) VAPA stands for Victorian Amateur Pistol Association VAPA stands for Vancouver Alumnae Panhellenic Association VAPA stands for Violence & Abuse Prevention Alliance (Ireland) VAPA stands for Valle Academy of Performing Arts


VAGRIUS stands for Vasilliev-Grigoriev-Uspensky – Vagrius Publishing House


VAGF stands for Visual Arts Guild of Frisco (Texas) VAGF stands for Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer


VAGA stands for Visual Arts and Galleries Association VAGA stands for Veneroso Associates Gold Advisors (investment company; Canada) VAGA stands for Virginia Apple Growers Association VAGA stands for Visual Artists of Gananoque and Area (Ontario, Canada) VAGA stands for Visual Art Gallery Application (Denver University database; Denver, CO) VAGA stands for Virginia Agricultural Growers Association (tobacco growers organization)


VAFP stands for Virginia Academy of Family Physicians VAFP stands for Video Aids to Film Preservation (est. 2005)


VAFF stands for Vancouver Asian Film Festival VAFF stands for Vilniaus Apskrities Futbolo Federacija (Lithuanian: Vilnius County Football Federation) VAFF stands for Variational Analysis Final Flag VAFF stands for Veterans Administration Franchise Fund


VAFA stands for Victorian Amateur Football Association (Australia) VAFA stands for Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (Colombo, Sri Lanka) VAFA stands for Vermont Agricultural Fairs Association VAFA stands for Value Added Flow Analysis VAFA stands for Victorian Amateur Fencing Association (Australia) VAFA stands for Value Added Finance Authority (South Dakota Department of Agriculture)


VAEF stands for Voluntary Action Epping Forest (UK) VAEF stands for Vermont Alternative Energy Festival VAEF stands for Vietnamese American Education Foundation VAEF stands for Virginia Eagle Forum VAEF stands for Virus Alert Exchange Format VAEF stands for Visual Arts Export Fund (Australia)