Arts Acronyms and Abbreviations


BBSGA stands for Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts (Australia)


BBRA stands for Balanced Budget Refinement Act of 1999 (USA) BBRA stands for Big Bike Riders Association BBRA stands for Bluebonnet Barrel Racing Association (Texas) BBRA stands for Bronc and Bull Riders Association (France) BBRA stands for Biologically-Based Risk Assessment BBRA stands for Balanced Budget Relief Act BBRA stands for Bad Block Relocation Area BBRA stands for Bogus Basin Recreational Association BBRA stands for


BBMHP stands for Brent Black Music History Project


BBCO stands for Big Bend Community Orchestra (Tallahassee, FL) BBCO stands for Boards, Bureaus, Centers and Offices BBCO stands for Brasilia Brazil Country Office BBCO stands for Bukit Batok Chinese Orchestra (Bukit Batok, Singapore) BBCO stands for Boston Bel Canto Opera BBCO stands for Building Blocks and Chemical Origins


BBBP stands for Biobehavioral and Behavioral Processes BBBP stands for Bronx Blue Bedroom Project (New York, NY; collaborative art project) BBBP stands for Blues Brothers Band Project (cover band; Germany) BBBP stands for Bilirubin/BSP (Bromosulfophthalein) Binding Protein BBBP stands for BSP)/bilirubin-binding protein BBBP stands for Blood Brain Barrier Permeability BBBP stands for Behavioral and Bio Behavioral Processes BBBP stands for BioScience Biotechnology and


BBAF stands for Banff and Buchan Arts Forum (UK) BBAF stands for Building Black Adoptive Families


BAYSO stands for Blue Ash Youth Symphony Orchestra (Ohio)


BAYHE stands for Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble (California)


AHK stands for Autohotkey (Windows open-source utility) AHK stands for Amsterdamse Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten (Dutch: Amsterdam University of the Arts) AHK stands for Die Deutschen Auslandshandelskammern (Germany) AHK stands for Acid House Kings (Swedish band) AHK stands for Alliierte Hohe Kommission (German: Allied High Commission) AHK stands for Association Helvetique de Kyudo (French Kyudo association; Japanese archery) AHK stands for Acylhomoserine


AHJ stands for Authority Having Jurisdiction AHJ stands for Albert Hammond, Jr. (musician) AHJ stands for American Heart Journal AHJ stands for Authority Housing Jurisdiction AHJ stands for Association Hospitalière de Joeuf (French: Hospital Association of Joeuf; Joeuf, France) AHJ stands for Alternative Health Journal AHJ stands for Area Having Jurisdiction AHJ stands for Australian Hairdressers Journal AHJ stands for American Harp Journal AHJ stands