Arts Acronyms and Abbreviations


W/SWholesale W/SWeek Starting W/SWindshield W/SWarship W/SWorkstation W/SWeapon System W/SWeak and Strong (Combined Ion Exchange Resin) W/SWait State W/SWords Per Second W/SWithin Sentence (database searches) WSWeb Services WSWorkshop WSWeb Site WSWorld Series WSWin Shares (arcane baseball stat) WSWAN (Wide Area Network) Server WSWall Street WSWeather Station WSWildlife Services WSWestern Samoa WSWinston Salem (North Carolina) WSWater Supply


W/M stands for White Male (personal ads) W/M stands for Weight or Measurement WM stands for William WM stands for Windows Mobile (Microsoft) WM stands for Windows Media (Microsoft) WM stands for College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA) WM stands for Waste Management WM stands for Weltmeisterschaft (German: World Cup) WM stands for Window Manager WM stands for Web Money WM stands for West Midlands


W/L stands for Win/Loss W/L stands for Waterline W/L stands for Warning Letter (legal) W/L stands for Window/Level W/L stands for Weight/Length Ratio (pediatrics) WL stands for Wall WL stands for Wheel WL stands for Weight Loss WL stands for Wilderness Lodge (Disney Resort) WL stands for Whitelist WL stands for White Label WL stands for Whiplash WL stands for Whole Life (insurance) WL stands for World Lock (gaming)


WE stands for World Education (Boston, MA) WE stands for Women’s Entertainment WE stands for Women’s Entertainment (TV channel) WE stands for With Equipment WE stands for West Europe WE stands for World Editor (gaming) WE stands for Whatever WE stands for Weather WE stands for Wednesday WE stands for Western Electric WE stands for


WK stands for Workstation (musical keyboards) WK stands for Work WK stands for Week WK stands for Well Known WK stands for Who Knows? WK stands for Wiz Khalifa (rapper) WK stands for White Knight WK stands for Willis-Knighton (hospital) WK stands for Wereld Kampioenschap (Dutch: World Cup) WK stands for Weiß Kreuz (anime series)


W&G stands for Will & Grace (TV sitcom) W&G stands for womens’ and girls’ W&G stands for Wallace & Grommit (fictional characters) W&G stands for Wandell & Goltermann, Inc. (UK)


W stands for Work W stands for Write W stands for Web W stands for With W stands for Won (Korean currency) W stands for Woman (magazine) W stands for Wire W stands for White W stands for West W stands for Who (Linux command) W stands for Wife W stands for Water W stands


BC-NCS stands for Conference Support, NACO Staff


BC-NCR stands for Conference Registration, NACO Staff


BC-NCP stands for Conference Planning, NACO Staff