Information Technology Acronyms and Abbreviations


BBSRAM stands for Battery-Backed-Up Static Random Access Memory


BBSPL stands for Babcock Borsig Softech Private Limited (India) BBSPL stands for Big Byte Solutions Private Limited (India)


BBSOD stands for Broadband Switching Operational Development BBSOD stands for Baby Blue Screen of Death


BBSN stands for Boeing Broadband Satcom Network BBSN stands for Big Blue Sports Network (television & radio station) BBSN stands for Babcock & Brown Subordinated Notes (Australia) BBSN stands for Boston Black Student Network BBSN stands for Black Broker Service Network BBSN stands for Brant Best Start Network


BBSM stands for Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (Lexington, KY) BBSM stands for Building Broadband Services Manager (Cisco) BBSM stands for Behavior Based Safety Management (various organizations) BBSM stands for Broad-Band Sleeve Monopole BBSM stands for Bulletin Board System Mailbox BBSM stands for Biologically Based System Management BBSM stands for Bulletin of the Baroda State Museum BBSM stands for Bailey Brothers Sun Mine


BBSI stands for Barrett Business Services Inc. (various locations) BBSI stands for Bournemouth Business School International (UK) BBSI stands for Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Summer Institute (NIH-NSF) BBSI stands for Black Belt Schools International BBSI stands for Brain Boundary Shift Integral (computing) BBSI stands for Brigance Basic Skills Inventory (assessment tool) BBSI stands for Beauty and Barber Supply Institute, Inc BBSI stands for Bell


BBSB stands for Bounty Bob Strikes Back (video game) BBSB stands for Barneget Bay Sneakbox (boat) BBSB stands for Brigalow Belt South Bioregion BBSB stands for Bachelor of Business Small Business BBSB stands for Baba Banda Singh Bahadur BBSB stands for Basic Banking Skills Battery BBSB stands for Barnegat Bay Sneak Box BBSB stands for Buzz Ballz Space Ballz


BBSBEC stands for Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College (India)


BBSC stands for Business Balance Score Card (various companies) BBSc stands for Bachelor of Building Science BBSC stands for Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation (TV and radio) BBSc stands for Bachelor of Behavioural Science BBSc stands for Bachelor of Business and Science BBSC stands for Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada BBSC stands for Broadcast and Business Solutions Company BBSC stands for Broadband Solutions


BBRTC stands for Battery-Backed Real Time Clock