Information Technology Acronyms and Abbreviations


WAIM stands for Web-Age Information Management WAIM stands for Wide Angle Impedance Matching WAIM stands for Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (Connecticut) WAIM stands for Web Accessibility in Mind WAIM stands for World Association of Internet Marketing WAIM stands for Water-Assist Injection Molding


WAIK stands for Windows Automated Installation Kit (Microsoft)


WAIG stands for Where Am I Going ? WAIG  stands for Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines


WAIF stands for West Africa Investment Forum WAIF stands for Washington Aids International Foundation WAIF stands for Web Application Interaction Format WAIF stands for Wide Area Integration Facility WAIF stands for Women’s Adoption International Fund WAIF stands for Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation (est. 1990; Coupeville, WA)


WAID stands for Web and Intranet Design WAID stands for Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining WAID stands for Workshop on Agents in Design


WAICV stands for Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision (Brazil)


WAIC stands for Water to Air Intercooler WAIC stands for Western Association of Independent Camps WAIC stands for Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company (Los Angeles, CA) WAIC stands for Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom WAIC stands for Warfighting Analysis & Integration Center WAIC stands for World Agriculture Investment Conference WAIC stands for Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications


WAI-ARIA stands for Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (standards suite)


WAI stands for Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C) WAI stands for Who Am I? WAI stands for Where Am I? WAI stands for Women in Aviation, International WAI stands for What an Idiot WAI stands for William Angliss Institute (Australia) WAI stands for Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (various locations) WAI stands for Wales Arts International (UK) WAI stands for Wetherill Associates, Inc. (Exton, PA) WAI stands for


WAHI stands for Web Automated Human Interaction WAHI stands for Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (est. 1995; New Berlin, WI) WAHI stands for Washington Heights and Inwood (New York, NY) WAHI stands for Work At Home Institute WAHI stands for West African Health Initiatives (Evanston, IL) WAHI stands for Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators (est. 1996)