Information Technology Acronyms and Abbreviations

A to D

A to D stands for Analog to Digital


A IIA stands for angiotensin II receptor subtypes A


AF stands for Abercrombie & Fitch AF stands for Absorption Fraction AF stands for Academy Fantasia (various locations; reality TV show) AF stands for Acceleration Factor AF stands for Accounting and Finance AF stands for Acre Foot AF stands for Acre-Feet AF stands for Acronym Fatigue AF stands for Acronym Finder ( website) AF stands


DLCA stands for Département de Langue et Culture Amazighes (French: Department of Language and Culture Amazigh) DLCA stands for Diffusion-Limited Cluster Aggregation DLCA stands for Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (US Virgin Islands) DLCA stands for De Legibus et Consuetudinis Artesiae (French gaming) DLCA stands for Designated Line Check Airman (aviation) DLCA stands for