Internet Slang Acronyms and Abbreviations


BBSRC stands for Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council BBSRC stands for Blurfry Blues Surf Rock Country


BBSOD stands for Broadband Switching Operational Development BBSOD stands for Baby Blue Screen of Death


BBSP stands for Bebe Sport BBSP stands for Battery Backup Sump Pump (emergency backup) BBSP stands for Brazos Bend State Park (Texas) BBSP stands for Bob Bryar’s Solo Project BBSP stands for Black Business Supplier Programme (South Africa) BBSP stands for Bare Base Support Package BBSP stands for Baseband Signal Processing BBSP stands for Behavior Based Safety Process BBSP stands for broad band spectral


BBSM stands for Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (Lexington, KY) BBSM stands for Building Broadband Services Manager (Cisco) BBSM stands for Behavior Based Safety Management (various organizations) BBSM stands for Broad-Band Sleeve Monopole BBSM stands for Bulletin Board System Mailbox BBSM stands for Biologically Based System Management BBSM stands for Bulletin of the Baroda State Museum BBSM stands for Bailey Brothers Sun Mine


BBSK stands for Ballerup Baseball Softball Klub (Denmark) BBSK stands for Best Bud Since Kindergarten


BBSL stands for Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited (Canada)BBSL stands for Baltimore Beltway Soccer LeagueBBSL stands for Be Back Sooner or LaterBBSL stands for Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lato (bacteriology)BBSL stands for Big Brother Second Life (computer game)BBSL stands for Banner Business Supplies Ltd. (UK)BBSL stands for Bahamas Business Solutions Limited (Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas)BBSL stands for Badger Branch School Library (Badger, CA)BBSL stands for Bee


BBSF stands for Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum (economic conference) BBSF stands for Big Best Sisters Forever BBSF stands for Bed Breakfast, San Francisco (California) BBSF stands for Belgische Bowling Sport Federatie (Dutch: Belgian Sports Federation of Bowling) BBSF stands for Baltimore Building Strong Families (Baltimore, MD) BBSF stands for Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation (Manama, Bahrain) BBSF stands for Banque


BBSD stands for Be Back Soon Darling BBSD stands for Blueprint Building Services Design BBSD stands for Broad Based Sustainable Development BBSD stands for Bible School for the Deaf BBSD stands for Block Based Storage Device BBSD stands for Birmingham Bible School for the Deaf BBSD stands for Bound Brook School District BBSD stands for Boys Brigade Southport and District


BBSB stands for Bounty Bob Strikes Back (video game) BBSB stands for Barneget Bay Sneakbox (boat) BBSB stands for Brigalow Belt South Bioregion BBSB stands for Bachelor of Business Small Business BBSB stands for Baba Banda Singh Bahadur BBSB stands for Basic Banking Skills Battery BBSB stands for Barnegat Bay Sneak Box BBSB stands for Buzz Ballz Space Ballz


BBS stands for Bulletin Board System BBS stands for Breeding Bird Survey BBS stands for Behavior-Based Safety BBS stands for Behavioral and Brain Sciences BBS stands for Board of Behavioral Sciences (California) BBS stands for Bulletin Board Service BBS stands for Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics BBS stands for Body Building Supplement (drugs) BBS stands for Bender’s Big Score (animated video) BBS stands for Berger Blanc