Legal Acronyms and Abbreviations


W/L stands for Win/Loss W/L stands for Waterline W/L stands for Warning Letter (legal) W/L stands for Window/Level W/L stands for Weight/Length Ratio (pediatrics) WL stands for Wall WL stands for Wheel WL stands for Weight Loss WL stands for Wilderness Lodge (Disney Resort) WL stands for Whitelist WL stands for White Label WL stands for Whiplash WL stands for Whole Life (insurance) WL stands for World Lock (gaming)


AHMCP stands for Andrews Harrell Mann Carmin Parker (lawfirm; Bloomington, IN)


BBLP stands for Building A Better Legal Profession BBLP stands for Baby Bjorn Little Potty BBLP stands for Black Business Loan Program BBLP stands for Brendan Beer Lover Page BBLP stands for Brendans Beer Lovers Page


BBACA stands for Botany Bay and Catchment Alliance (Australia) BBACA stands for Boating Books And Charts Austral


AHLC stands for Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (Palestine) AHLC stands for American Hair Loss Council AHLC stands for Appignani Humanist Legal Center (American Humanist Association; Washington, DC)


AHIA stands for Affordable Health Insurance Agency (San Antonio, TX) AHIA stands for Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (Wheat Ridge, CO) AHIA stands for Australian Health Insurance Association AHIA stands for Association of Health Insurance Advisors AHIA stands for Association of Health Insurance Agents (part of NALU) AHIA stands for Australian Health Informatics Association AHIA stands for ASEAN Heads of Investment Agencies


BATNA stands for Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement


BATDA stands for British American Tobacco Documents Archive (Guildford Depository; London, England, UK)


AHFI stands for Absolute Health and Fitness, Inc. (Carson City, NV) AHFI stands for Alston, Hunt, Floyd and Ing (law firm; Hawaii) AHFI stands for Alliance of the Holy Family International AHFI stands for Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigator


AHD stands for Analog High Definition (cameras) AHD stands for Ahead AHD stands for American Heritage Dictionary AHD stands for Australian Height Datum AHD stands for Arrowhead AHD stands for Advanced Healthcare Directive (legal document) AHD stands for Airhead AHD stands for Academic Honors Diploma AHD stands for Alveolar Hydatid Disease AHD stands for Atherosclerotic Heart Disease AHD stands for Affordable Housing Directory (New York) AHD stands