Schools & Education Acronyms and Abbreviations


BBSLG stands for British Business Schools’ Librarians Group (UK)


BBSGA stands for Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts (Australia)


BBSD stands for Be Back Soon Darling BBSD stands for Blueprint Building Services Design BBSD stands for Broad Based Sustainable Development BBSD stands for Bible School for the Deaf BBSD stands for Block Based Storage Device BBSD stands for Birmingham Bible School for the Deaf BBSD stands for Bound Brook School District BBSD stands for Boys Brigade Southport and District


BBSA stands for Black Business Students Association BBSA stands for Black Business Student Association BBSA stands for Buff-Breasted Sandpiper (bird species) BBSA stands for Basic Business Skills Acquisition BBSA stands for n-Butyl Benzene Sulfonamide BBSA stands for Broad Bay Sailing Association (Virginia Beach, VA) bBSA stands for biotinylated bovine serum albumin BBSA stands for Beta Blocker in Spinal Anesthesia (medical study) BBSA stands for


BBS stands for Bulletin Board System BBS stands for Breeding Bird Survey BBS stands for Behavior-Based Safety BBS stands for Behavioral and Brain Sciences BBS stands for Board of Behavioral Sciences (California) BBS stands for Bulletin Board Service BBS stands for Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics BBS stands for Body Building Supplement (drugs) BBS stands for Bender’s Big Score (animated video) BBS stands for Berger Blanc


BBRI stands for Boston Biomedical Research Institute (est. 1968; Massachusetts) BBRI stands for Belgian Building Research Institute BBRI stands for Big Boy Restaurants International, LLC (Warren, MI) BBRI stands for Bending Breaking Resistance Index BBRI stands for Biomedical Biotechnical Research Institute (North Carolina Central University; Durham, NC) BBRI stands for Baltic Business Research Institute (Sweden) BBRI stands for Biomedical Biotechnology Research Institute


BBRG stands for Back Bay Restaurant Group (Boston, MA) BBRG stands for Beatrice Bain Research Group (est. 1986; Univeristy of California, Berkeley) BBRG stands for Ball Bearing BBRG stands for Bergen Bullying Research Group (University of Bergen; Norway)


BBPW stands for Big Bang Pro Wrestling (video game) BBPW stands for Beginning Band Pedagogy Workshop (University of Texas San Antonio) BBPW stands for Barnard Business and Professional Women BBPW stands for Balanced Budget Page Washington


BBPS stands for Broken Bow Public Schools (Nebraska) BBPS stands for Building Blocks Play Schools (Alberta, Canada) BBPS stands for Bovine Brain Phosphatidylserine BBPS stands for Bucklands Beach Primary School BBPS stands for Bulgarian Bird Protection Society BBPS stands for Bob Bailey Public Speaking


BBPL stands for Broadband over Power Lines (telecommunications; also seen as BPL) BBPL stands for Bengal Beverages Private Limited (India) BBPL stands for Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Private Limited BBPL stands for Bhutan Board Products Limited (Bhutan) BBPL stands for Blitz BASIC Programming Language BBPL stands for Bradley Beach Public Library (New Jersey) BBPL stands for Bowater Building Products Limited (UK) BBPL stands for Barang