VAFI stands for Victorian Association of Forest Industries (Australia) VAFI stands for Vietnam Association of Financial Investors VAFI stands for Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (Australia)


VACP stands for Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police VACP stands for Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists VACP stands for Variable Amplitude Cross Polarization VACP stands for Video Archive Control Protocol VACP stands for Voice Activated Calling Platform (Sprint)


VACIS stands for Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System (gamma-ray imaging system made by SAIC) VACIS stands for Victorian Ambulance Clinical Information System (Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Victoria, Australia)


VXE stands for Antarctic Development Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1969 to present) VXE stands for Virtual Executing Environment (computer security) VXE stands for VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) XGA (eXtended Graphics Array) Extensions VXE stands for Expeditionary Squadron (US Navy)


VWLO stands for Victim Witness Liaison Officer (Victim/Witness Assistance Program)


WAHSA stands for Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (Madison, WI) WAHSA  stands for Work At Height Safety Association (UK) WAHSA  stands for Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aging (Seattle, WA)


W3 stands for World Wide Web W3 stands for Warcraft 3 (game) W3 stands for What, Who, When W3 stands for Chief Warrant Officer, Third Grade