Sports Acronyms and Abbreviations


BC stands for British Columbia BC stands for Boston College (Boston, MA) BC stands for Bank of Canada BC stands for Because BC stands for Because (chat) BC stands for Birth Control BC stands for Battle Creek (Michigan city) BC stands for Be Careful BC stands for Breast Cancer BC stands for Beaver Creek (Colorado) BC stands for Patches (METAR descriptor) BC stands for Birth Certificate BC stands


BAS stands for Bulgarian Academy of Sciences BAS stands for Business Activity Statement BAS stands for Business Activity Statement (Australian GST) BAS stands for Base (building code) BAS stands for Basic BAS stands for Building Automation System (Sprint) BAS stands for British Antarctic Survey BAS stands for Building Automation Systems BAS stands for Bachelor of Applied Science BAS stands for Biblical Archaeology Society BAS stands for


BBVC stands for Bronte Beach Volleyball Club (Toronto, Canada)


BBTN stands for Baseball Tonight (ESPN TV) BBTN stands for Bring Back the Noise (sports) BBTN stands for BananaBit Technologies (California) BBTN stands for Barnet Borough Talking Newspaper


BBSRA stands for Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance (Boise, ID)


BBSK stands for Ballerup Baseball Softball Klub (Denmark) BBSK stands for Best Bud Since Kindergarten


BBSA stands for Black Business Students Association BBSA stands for Black Business Student Association BBSA stands for Buff-Breasted Sandpiper (bird species) BBSA stands for Basic Business Skills Acquisition BBSA stands for n-Butyl Benzene Sulfonamide BBSA stands for Broad Bay Sailing Association (Virginia Beach, VA) bBSA stands for biotinylated bovine serum albumin BBSA stands for Beta Blocker in Spinal Anesthesia (medical study) BBSA stands for


BBRFC stands for Brandon Barbarians Rugby Football Club


BBPI stands for Bilfinger Berger Project Investments (infrastructure development; Germany) BBPI stands for Biscayne Bay Partnership Initiative (est. 1999; Florida) BBPI stands for Big Boy Pants Index (football) BBPI stands for Basic Business Products, Inc. (Kansas City, KS) BBPI stands for Bowman-Birk Protease Inhibitor (molecular biology) BBPI stands for Boston Bicycle Planning Initiative BBPI stands for Barry Blau Partners Inc BBPI stands for


BBOA stands for Blind Boys of Alabama (band) BBOA stands for British Betting Office Association BBOA stands for Bluetick Breeders of America (est. 1946; Sedalia, MO; dog club) BBOA stands for Battlefield Basketball Officials Association BBOA stands for Black Briar Oaks Arabians BBOA stands for Brother Bear Online Archive