What is the full meaning of DPO? What does DPO stand for?

  1. DPO  stands for Data Protection Officer (General Data Protection Regulation requirement)
  2. DPO  stands for Data Privacy Officer (various organizations)
  3. DPO  stands for Douleur Post-Opératoire (French: Post-Operative Pain)
  4. DPO  stands for Direct Public Offering
  5. DPO  stands for Direct Public Offering (finance/investment)
  6. DPO  stands for Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra (Ohio)
  7. DPO  stands for District Police Officer (Pakistan)
  8. DPO  stands for Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
  9. DPO  stands for Days Payables Outstanding
  10. DPO  stands for Document Process Outsourcing
  11. DPO  stands for Divisional Police Officer
  12. DPO  stands for Distribution Process Owner
  13. DPO  stands for Direction Participative par Objectifs (French: Participatory Management Objectives)
  14. DPO  stands for District Probation Officer (India)
  15. DPO  stands for Days Past Ovulation
  16. DPO  stands for Deputy Probation Officer (various locations)
  17. DPO  stands for Disable Page Out
  18. DPO  stands for Delta Phi Omega
  19. DPO  stands for Data Phase Optimization
  20. DPO  stands for Disaster Psychiatry Outreach
  21. DPO  stands for Disabled Persons’ Organization (Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas; est. 1981)
  22. DPO  stands for Dossier de Pré-Orientation (French: Pre-Orientation Kit)
  23. DPO  stands for Documentary Proof of Origin (credit letter)
  24. DPO  stands for Disabled Peoples’ Organization
  25. DPO  stands for Development Plan Overlay (Australia)
  26. DPO  stands for Découpe de Polystyrène (French: Cutting of Polystyrene)
  27. DPO  stands for Dynamic Positioning Operator
  28. DPO  stands for Direct Purchase Order
  29. DPO  stands for Devonport, Tasmania, Australia – Devonport (Airport Code)
  30. DPO  stands for Dauphins du Pays des Olonnes (French swim club)
  31. DPO  stands for Delta Psi Omega (national honorary theatre fraternity)
  32. DPO  stands for Deputy Principal Officer
  33. DPO  stands for Dial Pulse Originating
  34. DPO  stands for District Postal Office (US Navy)
  35. DPO  stands for District Personnel Office (US Navy)
  36. DPO  stands for Dreaded Previous Owner
  37. DPO  stands for Discontinued Post Office
  38. DPO  stands for Découvrir Partager Oser (French: Discover Share Dare)
  39. DPO  stands for Dumb Previous Owner
  40. DPO  stands for Drug Petty Offense (crime)
  41. DPO  stands for Data Processing Organization
  42. DPO  stands for Distribution Pièces Occasion (French: Used Parts Distribution)
  43. DPO  stands for Development Project Officer
  44. DPO  stands for Development Partnering Organization
  45. DPO  stands for Drug Pricing Organization
  46. DPO  stands for Designated Procurement Officer
  47. DPO  stands for Divisional Petty Officer (Canadian Forces)
  48. DPO  stands for Designer Plumbing Outlet.com
  49. DPO  stands for Designated Police Officer
  50. DPO  stands for Data Path Optimizer
  51. DPO  stands for Darren Peter Oswald (The X Files TV series character)
  52. DPO  stands for Diplomatic Post Office
  53. DPO  stands for Director of Plant Operations (various organizations)
  54. DPO  stands for Douglass Post Office (Rutgers College)
  55. DPO  stands for Dat Phan Online
  56. DPO  stands for Decentralized Project Office
  57. DPO  stands for Discounted Pay Off (finance)
  58. DPO  stands for Display Purposes Only
  59. DPO  stands for Depot Property Officer
  60. DPO  stands for Dynamique des Professionnels d’Oberhausbergen et Environs (French trading association)
  61. DPO  stands for Dear/Dreaded/Dumb Previous Owner
  62. DPO  stands for Division of Production Operations (DOE)
  63. DPO  stands for Directed Planning Option
  64. DPO  stands for District Program Office
  65. DPO  stands for DWDM PON Overlay
  66. DPO  stands for Disaster Preparedness Office/r
  67. DPO  stands for Diagramme des Procédures Opérationelles (French: Operational Procedure Diagram)
  68. DPO  stands for Defence Procurement Office (various nations)
  69. DPO  stands for Dallas Praise Orchestra (Texas)
  70. DPO  stands for Divisional Purchase Order
  71. DPO  stands for Dispensing Practicing Optician (eyecare)