What is the full meaning of DPS? What does DPS stand for?

DPS stands for;

DPS Damage Per Second (gaming)
DPS Department of Public Safety
DPS Denver Public Schools (Colorado)

DPS Detroit Public Schools
DPS Delhi Public School (India)
DPS Durham Public Schools
DPS Department of Public Service (various locations)
DPS Documento Programmatico Sulla Sicurezza (Italian: Security Document; personal data protection legislation)
DPS Digital Photography School
DPS Display PostScript
DPS Dispositifs Prévisionnels de Secours (French: Provisional Relief Device; aid station)
DPS Department of Parliamentary Services (Australia)
DPS Designated Premises Supervisor (UK)

DPS Double Page Spread
DPS Droit Préférentiel de Souscription (French: Preferential Subscription Rights)
DPS Degrees per Second
DPS Deferred Payment Scheme (various locations)
DPS Division for Planetary Sciences (American Astronomical Society)
DPS Dynamic Point Selection
DPS Dividend Per Share
DPS Distinct Population Segments (Endangered Species Act criteria)
DPS Digital Production System
DPS Dead Poets Society (1989 movie)

DPS Data Processing System
DPS Détenus Particulièrement Signalés (French: Held Specifically Reported; Department of Justice)
DPS Département Protection Sécurité (French: Security Protection Department)
DPS Division of Planetary Sciences
DPS Dynamic Positioning System
DPS Division of Personnel Services
DPS Defense Personal Property System
DPS Door Position Sensor (various companies)
DPS Demokratska Partija Socijalista (Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro; Serbia and Montenegro)

DPS Digital Processing Systems
DPS Diagnostic Policy Service (Windows Vista)
DPS Dengeki Playstation (magazine)
DPS Dead People Server (website)
DPS Diamond Promotion Service
DPS Distributed Parameter Systems
dps Disintegrations Per Second
DPS Digital Phone Service
DPS Data Processing Service
DPS Document Processing System
DPS Defense Protective Service
DPS Device Power Supply
DPS Distance Per Stroke (swimming)

DPS Data Protection Server (Microsoft)
DPS Direct Payment Solutions Ltd
DPS Debit Processing Service
DPS Double Positive
DPS Digital Power Supply (various companies)
DPS Des Moines Public Schools
DPS Demand Planning System (manufacturing)
DPS Defence Policy Statement (Canada)
DPS Data Protection Solutions by Arco (Hollywood, FL)
DPS Dynamic Publishing Solution (software)
DPS Dead Persons Society (genealogy, Australia)
DPS Diplomatic Protection Squad (police incident code; New Zealand)
DPS Dynamic Process Simulation
DPS Distributed Processing System

DPS Digital Printing Systems
DPS Défense des Points Sensibles (French: Defense of Sensitive Points)
DPS Delivery Point Sequence (US Postal Service)
DPS Differential Pressure Switch
DPS Ditcham Park School (UK)
DPS Dynamic Packet State
DPS Digital Pixel Sensor
DPS Diploma in Professional Studies
DPS Defense Printing Service
DPS Distributed Power System
DPS Deployment Planning Service (Microsoft)
DPS Database Publishing Software (Woburn, MA)
DPS Deltic Preservation Society
DPS Direct Print Standard

DPS General Directorate of Standardization (Albania)
DPS Data Protection Systems
DPS Director of Professional Services
DPS Digisonde Portable Sounder
DPS Decatur Public Schools
DPS Disabled Photographers’ Society (UK)
DPS Disease Prevention Specialist
DPS Data Processing Subsystem
DPS Depot Protection System (aka Depot Passenger Protection System; railways)
DPS Descent Propulsion System
DPS Database Publishing Service (various businesses)
DPS Digital Product Simulation

DPS Deschamps Plus Sécurité (Moroccan security firm)
DPS Digital Personal Studio
DPS Document Production System
DPS Dynamic Positioning Services, Ltd. (Aberdeen, UK)
DPS Dry Process Symposium
DPS Document Processing Services
DPS Data Product Specification
DPS Digital Period Synthesis (microwave theory)
DPS Data Propagation System
DPS Dog, Paper, Submarine (Swedish rock band)
DPS Dukane Projection System
DPS Denpasar Bali, Indonesia – Ngurah Rai (Airport Code)
DPS DI/O Preamp System
DPS Digital Processing Synchronizer

DPS Distribution Plomberie Sanitaire (French: Sanitary Plumbing Distribution)
DPS Double Polynomial System
DPS Distributed Print Services
DPS Data Processing Suite
DPS Dutch Petrophysical Society
DPS Détachement Premiers Secours (French: First Aid Detachment)
DPS Diplome de Psychologue Scolaire (French: Diploma of Psychological Studies)
DPS Data Processing Segment
DPS Defense Planning Scenario (US DoD)

DPS Desperate Preacher’s Site
DPS Data Protection Services, LLC
DPS Devon Provider Services (National Health Service; UK)
DPS Data Processing Set
DPS Doggie Protective Services
DPS Doppler Power Spectra
DPS Data Plus Systems
DPS Donnelly Production System
DPS Dutch Protein & Services
DPS Data Products Specifications
DPS Deere Production System
DPS Développement Prospective Stratégie (French: Prospective Development Strategy)
DPS Dynamic Patient Simulator
DPS Domino Partition Server

DPS Dipropyl Sulfide
DPS Damai Primary School (Singapore)
DPS Department of Pupil Services
DPS Data Partitioned Slice
DPS Double Plays Started (baseball)
DPS Daily Production Schedule
DPS Dazhong Primary School (Singapore)
DPS Dependable Printer Support
DPS Distal Perfusion System
DPS Display Processing System
DPS Dots Per Square Inch (usually seen as DPSI)
DPS Dynamic Power Switching
DPS Document Production Services

DPS Division of Public Service
DPS Direct Plant Shipments
DPS Diplôme Professionnel Spécialisé (French: specialized technical diploma)
DPS Detailed Project Study (USACE)
DPS Diode Phase-Shifter
DPS Division of Personality Studies (University of Virginia)
DPS Defense Policy and Strategy
DPS Douglas Process Specification (superseded by Boeing Process Specification)
DPS Dallas Paleontology Society
DPS District Planning Secretariat (Sri Lanka)
DPS Design and Performance Specification

DPS Drugs and Prescribing Section (British Geriatrics Society)
DPS Dorset Professional Services, Inc
DPS Defense Planning Staff
DPS Data Physician Specific
DPS Datamaxx Professional Services, Inc
DPS Decision Package Set
DPS Data Processing Site
DPS Digital Products Services
DPS Dynamic Power Save
DPS Digital Products Server

DPS Display Property Sheet
DPS Database Publishing Systems Ltd
DPS Department of Pastoral Services
DPS Dennison and Pacific Suburban Railway Company
DPS Dattebayo Professional Services (subtitling)
DPS Directory Preparation System (Sprint)
DPS Dynamic Power Stepping (power saving feature)
DPS Duranbah Public School (Gold Coast, Australia)
DPS Drejtoria E Përgjithshme Standardizimit (General Directorate of Standardization, ISO correspondent member)
DPS Dual Power Sensor (Agilent)
DPS Dynamic Parallel Schedule
DPS Direct Personnel Support

DPS Distributed Presentations Services
DPS Division of Payment Systems (Colorado)
DPS Detailed Program Schedule
DPS Digital Perception System
DPS Dealer Parts Service, Inc
DPS Dealer Premium Service
DPS Defense Priority/Processing System
DPS Distribution Processing System
DPS Distributed Phone System
DPS Depot Passenger Protection System (aka Depot Protection System; railways)
DPS Digital Phone Set
DPS Digital Publishing Solutions Ltd
DPS Dudley Paranormal Society (UK)
DPS Design Proposal Summary