What is the full meaning of DPSC? What does DPSC stand for?

DPSC stands for;

DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center
DPSC Direction des Produits de Santé Commercialisés (French: Branch Marketed Health Products; Canada)
DPSC Dental Pulp Stem Cell

DPSC Dr. Pepper StarCenter (Frisco, TX)
DPSC Defense Personnel Supply Center
DPSC Doctor’s Professional Services Consultants (Florida)
DPSC Doha Pinoy Shooters Club (Qatar)
DPSC Data Processing Service Center
DPSC Dufferin-Peel Skating Club (Canada)
DPSC Defense Petroleum Supply Center
DPSC Diabetes Prevention Support Center (University of Pittsburgh)
DPSC Defense Personnel Support Command
DPSC Daily Product Safety Checklist (McDonalds)