1. A-SPEC stands for A System Specification
  2. ASPEC stands for Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College
  3. ASPEC stands for Adaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Coding (audio data compression)
  4. ASPEC stands for Advanced Spectre Entropy Coding (MPEG)
  5. ASPEC stands for Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward County (Canada)
  6. ASPEC stands for Asia Pacific Environmental Consultants Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  7. A-SPEC stands for A-Specification
  8. ASPEC stands for Association pour la PrĂ©vention et l’Etude de la Contamination (French: Association for the Study and Prevention of Contamination; est. 1971)
  9. ASPEC stands for Automated Solid Phase Extraction Controller (pharmaceutical research)
  10. ASPEC stands for Automatic Sample Preparation with Extraction Column
  11. A-SPEC stands for System Specification