What is the full meaning of A-STEP? What does A-STEP stand for?

  1. A-STEP stands for Adaptable & Seamless Technology Transfer Program (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
  2. ASTEP stands for Alberta Spit Tobacco Education Program (Alberta, Canada)
  3. ASTEP stands for Altarum Science and Technology Education Program (Altarum Institute)
  4. A-STEP stands for Alternative-South Texas Educator Program (Brownsville, TX)
  5. ASTEP stands for Artists Striving to End Poverty (New York, NY)
  6. ASTEP stands for Asset Servicing Technology Enhancement Project (US FDIC)
  7. ASTEP stands for Assistance to Teacher Education Project (Ghana)
  8. ASTEP stands for Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (US NASA)