What is the full meaning of AFDC? What does AFDC stand for?

  1. AFDC  stands for Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  2. AFDC  stands for Alternative Fuels Data Center
  3. AFDC  stands for Atlanta Flying Disc Club (Atlanta, GA)
  4. AFDC  stands for Autopilot Flight Director Computer (avionics)
  5. AFDC  stands for Air Force Doctrine Center
  6. AFDC  stands for Allowance for Funds During Construction
  7. AFDC  stands for Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center
  8. AFDC  stands for Association des Familles de Disparus de Constantine (French: Association of Families of the Disappeared in Constantine; Constantine, Algeria)
  9. AFDC  stands for Axial Flux Difference