Engineering Acronyms and Abbreviations


BBME stands for British Bank of the Middle East BBME stands for Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering BBME stands for Big Blue Mogambo Eyes


BBGE stands for Belgian Bagpipe Groove Experience BBGE stands for Best Book Group Ever BBGE stands for Battle Between Good and Evil BBGE stands for Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering (UK) 


BBBE stands for Best Boss Beating Ever (gaming) BBBE stands for Biotechnology, Biochemical and Biomass Engineering Program (research grant; National Science Foundation) BBBE stands for Biomathématiques Biostatistiques Bioinformatique Épidémiologie


AHITC stands for Alberta Housing Industry Technical Committee (Canada)


AHIT stands for A Hat in Time (gaming) AHIT stands for American Home Inspectors Training (Institute; Waukesha, Wisconsin) AHIT stands for Attack Helicopter Instrumented Test AHIT stands for American Hungarian Information Technology (Internet services) AHIT stands for American High-Income Trust (investment company) AHIT stands for ARKANSAS Home Inspection Training AHIT stands for And Home Inspectors Training AHIT stands for At American Home Inspectors


AHHPS stands for Advanced Heavy Hybrid Propulsion Systems


AHGSET stands for Ad-Hoc Group on Science and Energy Technologies


AHFSER stands for Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research


AHETEMS stands for Advancing Hispanic Excellence in Technology, Engineering, Math and Science, Inc.


AHF stands for AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Los Angeles, CA) AHF stands for Antihemophilic Factor AHF stands for Allan Hancock Foundation (University of Southern California) AHF stands for American Health Foundation AHF stands for Acute Heart Failure AHF stands for American Honda Foundation (American Honda Motor Co., Inc.) AHF stands for American Himalayan Foundation (San Francisco, CA) AHF stands for Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (chemistry)