VAC stands for Vacuum VAC stands for Veterans Affairs Canada (Federal Government) VAC stands for Vinyl Acetate VAC stands for Vacant VAC stands for Vacuum Assisted Closure VAC stands for Vehicle Access Control VAC stands for Ventilation and Air Conditioning VAC stands for Vacate VAC stands for Voltage in Alternating Current (electromagnetics) VAC stands for Vehicle Air Conditioning VAC stands for Valve Anti Cheat (gaming) VAC stands … Read more


VAAE stands for Vermont Alliance for Arts Education (Waterbury, VT) VAAE stands for Vaccine Associated Adverse Events VAAE stands for Valour Above All Else (multi-user shared habitat; online role playing)


V4V stands for V for Vendetta V4V stands for V 4 Vintage (jewelry) V4V stands for V 4 Victory (gaming clan) V4V stands for Venturing for Venturers (Scouts Western Australia Camp) V4V stands for Vision for Vision (vision care magazine)


V:TM stands for Vampire: the Masquerade (game from White Wolf Publishing)


V/S stands for Vertical Speed/Vertical V/S stands for Vulcan/Stinger V/S stands for Visceral/Subcutaneous (fat ratio) V/S stands for Velocity/Substrate Concentration (parasitology) VS stands for Versus VS stands for Visual Studio VS stands for Victoria’s Secret VS stands for Very Special (cognac aged at least 2.5 years) VS stands for Video Stream VS stands for Vital Statistics VS stands for Vampire Slayer (half-life mod) VS stands for Verse … Read more