What is the full meaning of D-N? What does D-N stand for?

  1. DN  stands for Distinguished Name (IDAP)
  2. DN  stands for Dagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
  3. DN  stands for Down
  4. DN  stands for Death Note (movie)
  5. DN  stands for Domain Name
  6. DN  stands for Diário de Noticias (Portuguese newspaper)
  7. DN  stands for Da Nang (Vietnam)
  8. DN  stands for Dragon Nest (gaming)
  9. DN  stands for Directory Number
  10. DN  stands for Display Name (internet chat)
  11. DN  stands for Diabetic Neuropathy (disorder)
  12. DN  stands for Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian financial newspaper)
  13. DN  stands for Duke Nukem (Game)
  14. DN  stands for Doncaster (postcode, United Kingdom)
  15. DN  stands for Decision Notice
  16. DN  stands for Dish Network (satellite TV provider)
  17. DN  stands for Dueling Network (gaming forum)
  18. DN  stands for Domain Network
  19. DN  stands for Double Negative
  20. DN  stands for Double Negative (hardcore punk band)
  21. DN  stands for Detroit News
  22. DN  stands for Dialed Number
  23. DN  stands for Digital Number
  24. DN  stands for Distrito Nacional (Dominican Republic)
  25. DN  stands for Directorate for Nature Management (Ministry of the Environment; Norway)
  26. DN  stands for Diameter Nominal
  27. DN  stands for Destination Number
  28. DN  stands for Department of the Navy
  29. DN  stands for Data Numbers
  30. DN  stands for Dr. No (James Bond movie)
  31. DN  stands for Dirk Nowitzki (basketball player)
  32. DN  stands for District Nurse
  33. DN  stands for Dianetics (Scientology)
  34. DN  stands for Dan Air
  35. DN  stands for Defense News
  36. DN  stands for Delivery Note
  37. DN  stands for Debit Note (accounting)
  38. DN  stands for Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth album)
  39. DN  stands for Delta Nu (sorority)
  40. DN  stands for Dominus Noster (Latin: Our Lord, epigraphy)
  41. DN  stands for Delayed Neutron
  42. DN  stands for Doctor of Naprapathy (a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue)
  43. DN  stands for Digital Nonsecure (US DoD)
  44. DN  stands for Doctor of Nursing
  45. D-N  stands for Dominant-Negative Protein (biology)
  46. DN  stands for Discrepancy Notice
  47. DN  stands for Double Nil (card game move)
  48. DN  stands for Dibucaine Number
  49. DN  stands for Democracy Now! (radio news program)
  50. DN  stands for DaikyoNishikawa Corporation (Japan)
  51. DN  stands for Design Notice
  52. DN  stands for Drafting Note (comments on document drafts)
  53. DN  stands for Dependency Net
  54. DN  stands for Discipline Node
  55. DN  stands for Doctor of Naturopathy
  56. DN  stands for Diagnostics, Neutron
  57. D-N  stands for Diabetic to Normal (research test group)
  58. DN  stands for Dreadnought