DNC stands for;

DNC Democratic National Committee
DNC Democratic National Convention
DNC Delaware North Companies

DNC Do Not Call
DNC Durham (Amtrak station code; Durham, NC)
DNC Do Nothing Congress (politics)
DNC Danone Nations Cup (international football competition)
DNC Déclaration de Niveau de Compétence (French: Declaration of Skill Level)
DNC Digital Nautical Chart
DNC Dilation and Curettage
DNC Domain Name Commissioner
DNC Downtown Norfolk Council (Norfolk, VA)
DNC Does Not Conform

DNC Dominion Nuclear Connecticut (Waterford, CT)
DNC Dunwoody Nature Center (Dunwoody, GA)
DNC Distributed Network Control
DNC Demain en Nouvelle-Calédonie (French: Tomorrow in New Caledonia; New Caledonia)
DNC Dynamic Network Configuration
DNC DeadNetCentral
DNC Data Not Collected (healthcare reporting)
DNC Distributed Network Computing
DNC Developing Nations Committee (International Federation of Accountants)
DNC Dodge Nature Center (West Saint Paul, MN)
DNC Declared Net Capacity (power generation)
DNC Distributed National Collection
DNC Dance Courses
DNC District of North Cowichan (British Columbia)
DNC Downconverter
DNC Dynamic Network Controller
DNC Dynamic Noise Covering
DNC Défendant Notre Cause (French: Defending Our Cause; rap group)
DNC Degoy Net Consultants (France)
DNC Dinitrocarbanilide

DNC Dermatology Nurse Certified
DNC Domestic Names Committee
DNC Dai Nippon Construction Co., Ltd. (Japan)
DNC Day-Night Capability
DNC Delayed Neutron Counter
DNC Director, Naval Communications
DNC Distributed Network Conference
DNC Disco Night Culture
DNC Directorate of National Coordination
DNC Di-Nitrocellulose
DNC Data Name Card
DNC Does Not Compute
DNC Do Not Change

DNC Departmento Nacional de Cafe (Brazil)
DNC Disaster Nursing Chairman
DNC Diocese of Natchitoches Collection (Louisiana)
DNC Direct Network Cabling (systems)
DNC Did Not Compete (racing)
DNC Do Not Cross
DNC Do Not Carry
DNC Do/Does Not Care
DNC Dynamic Neural Control
DNC Direct Numerical Control
DNC Distributed Numerical Control
DNC Drill and Ceremony