What is the full meaning of DRF? What does DRF stand for?

DRF stands for;

DRF Daily Racing Form (horse racing)
DRF Django Rest Framework (software project)
DRF Disaster Relief Fund
DRF Dansk Ride Forbund (Danish)
DRF Disability Rights Fund (various locations)
DRF Disaster Response Force
DRF Delegacias da Receita Federal (Portuguese: Police Federal Revenue; Brazil)
DRF Datum Reference Frame

DRF Deafness Research Foundation
DRF Digital Radio Frequency
DRF Data Recovery Field
DRF Digital Rangefinder (cameras)
DRF Division Ready Force
DRF Dual Radio Frequency
DRF Distinguished Research Fellow
DRF Data Request Form
DRF Doctorate Records File (National Academy of Sciences)
DRF Direct Repair Facility (insurance)
DRF Demeures Régionales de France (French: Regional Homes in France)
DRF Demat Request Form

DRF Dose Reduction Factor
DRF Dyslexia Research Foundation
DRF Di-Electric Resonator Filter
DRF Deployment Request Form
DRF Dominique Régnier Formation (French business consultant)
DRF Dual Role Fighter
DRF Drug Revolving Funds

DRF Data Retention Fault
DRF Digitale Regio Fryslan (Dutch: Digital Region Friesland)
DRF Data Reduction Facility
DRF Document Review Form
DRF Disposal Report Form
DRF Disciplinary Referral Form
DRF Difficult Reuse First (algorithm)
DRF Digital Radio Françaises (French: French Digital Radio)
DRF Darden Restaurant Foundation