A Acronyms and Abbreviations


AHMPPI stands for Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza


AHMP stands for American Hellenic Media Project AHMP stands for Asbestos Hazard Management Program (North Carolina) AHMP stands for Anterior Hypothalamic-Medial Preoptic Region (neurology)


AHMO stands for Annihilate, Humiliate, Mutilate, Obliterate (Wylie High School football slogan; Texas) AHMO stands for Australian Health Maintenance Organisation (Australia) AHMO stands for Association of Hispanic Municipal Officials AHMO stands for Arts and Humanities Month Online


AHMN stands for Allgemeiner Handel Markus Nothnagel (German: General Trade Markus Nothnagel; Austria)


AHMMO stands for Army Heavy Metal Management Office (US Army)


AHMMG stands for Ad Hoc Microcell/Microsystems Guidelines (communications) AHMMG stands for Ad Hoc Microcell Microsystems Guidelines


AHMM stands for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine AHMM stands for Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (architects; London, UK) AHMM stands for ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Health Ministers’ Meeting AHMM stands for Academy of Hazardous Materials Management AHMM stands for ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting


AHML stands for Arlington Heights Memorial Library (Illinois) AHML stands for Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (Russia) AHML stands for Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) AHML stands for Asian Homeopathic Medical League (Malaysia) AHML stands for Alabama Home Mortgage Lending Inc. (Birmingham, AL) AHML stands for Arlington Heights Memorial Library (Arlington Heights, IL) AHML stands for Agency of the Housing


AHMIT stands for American Home Mortgage Investment Trust


AHMIS stands for Atkins Health & Medical Information Services